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The Daily Space

Jun 16, 2022

Observations of V1674 Hercules reveal a nova produced by the white dwarf star that dimmed in only one day. Additionally, the strange star wobbles every 501 seconds, producing flashes in visible and X-ray light. Plus, more results from the 240th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, a farewell to SOFIA,...

Jun 15, 2022

After six years of Hubble Space Telescopes and the hypothesis that millions of black holes exist in the Milky Way, scientists have finally found direct evidence for the existence of one such black hole. Plus, planetary formation, a wandering star, and this week in rocket history, we look back at China’s first crewed...

Jun 14, 2022

The Gaia mission released its third ‘treasure trove’ of observations and calculations of more than two billion stars in the Milky Way, including ‘starquakes’, stellar DNA, binary star systems, and more. Plus, day one of the American Astronomical Society press conferences and updates on Starship and NASA’s...

Jun 10, 2022

Using data from the fabulous Gaia mission, researchers have detected four new brown dwarfs as well as several other unusual companions to 25 stars in the Milky Way. Plus, Yellowstone, Earth’s magnetic field, hot Jupiters, and a review of the first episode of The Orville: New Horizons.

Jun 9, 2022

A second repeating fast radio burst was detected in 2019 by China’s FAST observatory and confirmed in 2020 by the Very Large Array. This latest discovery raises the possibility that there are two different types of FRBs. Plus, a SpaceX commercial launch, mission updates, neutron stars, and this week’s What’s Up.